Congratulations on making the decision to read this document, this might be one of the biggest life-changing moments you will ever experience! It could be a change in life as you know it, leading you on a path of new discoveries and adventures or it could just ignite a new passion in life

I would like to invite you to take this journey with us at Scubaversity; we are a passionate bunch of divers who love teaching diving. Our staff is professional business owners who are doing this because diving is their way out of the normalcy of life.

The Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) Program allows PADI Assistant Instructors to complete remaining IDC components allowing them to teach the full range of diving courses. The OWSI program prepares you to effectively function as PADI Instructors while giving them the background they need to prepare for the PADI Instructor Exam. 

Course Prerequisities

  • PADI Assistant Instructor, PADI Instructor, or instructor member in good standing (eligible to renew) with a recognized recreational diver training organization* for at least six months.
  • Documentation of any non PADI qualifying entry level, advanced, rescue and leadership level certifications* as required.
  • Must do the Emergency First Response Instructor Course
  • Medical clearance attesting to dive fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months.
  • 18 years old 
  • Certified diver for six months

Required Equipment.

All Candidates will need the items as listed.
All of the equipment is for sale at a discounted
rate to students or for rent from Scubaversity.

A 15% discount is available for IDC candidates
on all equipment purchases.

Soft Gear

Fins, Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit, Booties, Weight system, all appropriate exposure protection.

Hard gear

Cylinder, BCD, Regulator with alternate air source and SPG,  Depth gauge. Hared Gear Rental Included in Course Price.

Diving  Accessories

Compass and knife/divers tool, 2 Emergency signaling devices, Timing device,
Program Fees

Tuition Fee                         R 14 450

IDC Pack
(Required for IDC)              R 13 950

Payment plan
Purchase your Course material and Pay your Instructor tuition fee over a period of 3 or 6 Months


Self-catering accommodation with an En-suite bathroom

Air Fills & Hard gear rental for the duration of the course

Free wireless internet access is included.

Scubaversity Readiness pack

Peak Performance, Theory, Rescue Workshops

Eco Aware Specialities


All PADI Registrations

Accommodation's electricity

IE Instructor exam Fee ± £ 527

PADI Application Fee ± £ 153

Entrance fee
Bass Lake per day R 150

What You Learn

Getting Started
Dive Theory for Dive Leaders
PADI System Overview
Learning, Instruction and the PADI System
Discover Scuba Diving and Experience Programs
The PADI Open Water Diver Course
Risk Management and Legal Considerations
Managing Risk
PADI Quality Management and Licensing
Open Water Training
Continuing Education and Leadership Courses
Business of Diving
How to Teach the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) – required for crossover candidates; optional for PADI Members

Course Curriculum

Participate in the following IDC curriculum components:

  • Advanced Open Water Diver & Rescue Diver Course Workshop
  • Sales Techniques Workshop
  • Present at least one knowledge development teaching presentations, scoring a minimum of 3.4.
  • Present at least two confined water teaching presentations (wet), scoring a minimum of 3.4 on one presentation. For one presentation, the candidate functions without a certified assistant.
  • In open water, present at least one integrated (two skills) open water teaching presentation (wet), scoring a minimum of 3.4 on each skill.
  • Perform all 24 dive skills in the Skill Evaluation, scoring a minimum of 82 total points, with no individual score below 3.
  • Score 75 percent on all sections of the Dive Theory Exam and have any missed questions reviewed until mastery is achieved. Retest candidates scoring less than 75 percent.
  • Perform a 400 metre/yard continuous swim, without swimming aids and using any stroke or combination of strokes.
  • Perform a 10-minute tread, drown-proof, bob or float using no aids and wearing only a swimsuit.
  • In confined or open water, demonstrate with role model quality the rescue of a simulated panicked diver at the surface.
  • In open water, demonstrate with role-model quality the rescue of a simulated unresponsive, nonbreathing diver at the surface.

A message from our staff.

Mandy Zietsman

" I have been teaching in the industry for many years, have had more than enough time at the beach, and will continue to guide instructors of the future. Taking students from their beginning stages to the end of their careers has always been an inspiration to me. Seeing people develop and become leaders within the industry is spectacular. I look forward to meeting you and guiding you through the industry. Teaching you what knowledge I have gained over the years of teaching. "


“ Teaching instructors is so rewarding. Transferring knowledge, sharing experience, helping, guiding and development of instructors provides me with a sense of achievement and increased love and appreciation of the diving industry ” 


" Having the opportunity to be part in changing people's life is most likely the biggest reason why I love teaching Instructors. The rewards come when I see newly qualified instructors have the same passion I have teaching new divers the beauty of our oceans "


" Training instructors are more about mentorship than it is about diving. I have had the opportunity to grow a young person's ideas, to reach goals that weren't attainable before. As well as having the chance to influence their scuba training standards in a positive way ".

Why choose US

The most established dive center in JHB!

* Infrastructure conductive for solid learning
* We are committed to providing the highest standards of training in a 
   relaxed, informal setting.
* We include additional workshops on crucial skills such as the (CESA)
   controlled emergency swimming ascent, how to run a DSD,
   controlling ascents and descents, Rescue skills, and a Search and
   Recovery workshop.
* Buoyancy clinics
* A 15% discount is available for IDC candidates on all equipment

* Theory Preparation – Physics / Physiology / RDP / Equipment /
   Skills & Environment
* Rescue skills and a Search and Recovery workshop
* Hard gear equipment rental is included in the course.
* Our Course Director’s and IDC Staff Instructors are ever present 
   throughout the IDC
* Specialized Scubaversity Welcome IDC pack
* On-Site Self catering housing available for the duration of your IDC
* Free wireless internet access is included.

How to prepare for your PADI Instructor course at Scubaversity

  • We do offer preparation days ahead of the IDC but by preparing yourself thoroughly in advance, you will get more out of your IDC training and avoid feeling overloaded. To prepare independently we recommend that you:
  •  Purchase all required online PADI materials.
  •  Review your PADI Instructor Manual and the Guide to Teaching.
  •  Revise the five dive theory topics, Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Dive Skills and the Environment, Recreational Dive Planner.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the PADI Instructor Manual or update yours with the latest Training Bulletins
  •  Review the 24 skills you practiced during your PADI Divemaster course
  • Practice Rescue exercise 7; ‘Unconscious Diver at the Surface’ exercise from your PADI Rescue Diver course.

How do I Enroll?

  • If you are interested and want to enroll, all you need to do is confirm with our booking sheet. We will invoice your for your course material which includes everything you need to start the theory portion of your course.
  • We will arrange a zoom orientation meeting where everything will be explained to you in detail
  • Once on course, you will explore the remaining dive theory with your PADI Instructor. Learning is an ongoing development process so you will learn something new each time you dive with us. Towards the end of the program, there are some comprehensive lectures covering dive theory. We conduct these as live lectures and we also have a series of online videos for you to review. 

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